Curated Care Packages


People always ask me about the meaning of GRAPES. Well, we get to answer that question with this new project. The Curated Care Packages (CCP). This is what GRAPES is all about. It's about curation, stories, design, humanity, sharing, friendship, details, experience and dope pieces. 
Imagine receiving a box full of interesting items. Some exclusive GRAPES pieces that no one else has, a book of poems from your favorite author, a handmade leather wallet with your lucky number on it, an old vinyl record of the artist that inspired your favorite band, a Metro-Card with $5 on it for your next NY visit, a story written just for you, some Japanese candy, and a magazine from a foreign land...
Well, that is what the CCP program is all about. 
We will stalk your social medias and have you submit a short and fun survey just to get to know a little bit more about you and then put together a "well-curated" care package, just for you. This is about an experience. This is about connecting. And it's also about getting fly. 
I wanted to introduce something different, something with feeling and this care package is something I have done with my friends over the years and you are my friends. 
We are launching tmrw and the CCP boxes will be available on the website along with all of the details. It will be super simple and straight forward and it will be almost impossible for you to be disappointed. I'm ready to have some fun and share some stories with all of you.