The I AM collection/concept is more about a feeling than some kind of explanation.
I was lead to do something very personal, very ME.
This is how I have been approaching clothes since I was a kid.
I see a piece that speaks to me, maybe the color or shape or fabric or functionality.
And then I acquire it only to add my own touch to it.
That is what this collection is all about.
Collecting pieces that already exist (for the most part) and then re-imaginging it to be
an enhanced version of itself or something completely different.
And at the center of the concept is STORY.
Thru It All…I AM is a story. A story of the humanity.
We can all fill in the blanks on this one.
We have been thru things that we had to overcome and now we are who we are.
Sometimes stronger, bolder, wiser. Some of us have changed because of the experiences
we have gone thru. But we are who we are.
And the clothing tell the same story. These are pieces from all over the world.
Garments that were worn by royalty, military, athletes, workers, etc.
And when the garment speaks to me I acquire it and take it thru my process of invention.
(Taking inventory of what exists and creating something new).

But these words are just words, this collection represents a narrative of overcoming
and I believe it is a timely concept.

GRAPES est 2005